Heat Creep

Heat Creep

If your printer is not extruding the filament but it goes on printing after successfully printing some layers, in mid-point of the model or later. Then you may be facing Heat Creep. Heat creeps generally results in frequent Clogging.



Normally the filament starts melting just above the nozzle. But when the heat break gets too hot, the heat expands upward irregularly throughout the hotend, making the filament soften higher inside the hotend and causes a clog.

  • The filament you are using contains metal particles, which can conduct heat up the hotend.
  • The hotend temperature is too high.
  • The amount of airflow needed to cool the heatsink is not enough.

How to prevent it 

First of all, clean the nozzle and look for these things if the problem persists-

  1. Check the extruder fan

The cooling fans should be working properly to cool the heatsink properly.

  1. Check at Feeder Mechanism

Too little or too much grip on the Extruder motor gear and roller can also cause issues with filament extrusion. With too loose grip the extruder gear can not grip the filament and the motor can start skipping while in other cases the gears might grind the filament and get choked.

  1. Make sure the heat shrink is dust-free

The dust deposit on the heat shrink can reduce its efficiency of heat dissipation. So, try to keep it dust-free.

  1. Lower the heat bed temperature

The heat rising from the heaterbed may contribute to the overheating of the extruder parts. For PLA in particular one can reduce some temperature by 5-10-degree Celsius.

  1. Increase layer height

Printing with thin layers uses very little filament at a time, so there is not much filament flow through the nozzle which can cause the heat to move up inside the extruder.

  1. Increase print speed 

A slow print can cause Heat Creep. So, try to increase the print speed by 10-15%.



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