There are times when the printed part of the model shrinks from the bottom and starts leaving the platform. If the image below is representative of your print. Your machine is experiencing warping.

So why does Warping do occur?


The plastic that comes out of the nozzle of the FDM printer is at high temperature. Due to the material property of plastic when it cools it starts to shrink thus leaving the platform.


Some important tips to minimize warping includes:

         1. Use heated
            The heated bed provides the heat from the bottom to the model so that initial layers do not cool completely thus preventing warping.                                                                                                                      


2. Bed Leveling

    Make sure the corners are leveled properly because an unleavened bed can also cause warping.

3. Apply Adhesive

    By applying some adhesive like glue will the model stick with bed properly thus preventing warping.


4. Use Brim

    The brim will create a small layer around the model and thus preventing the shrinking from the corners.


5. Use Raft

     Raft creates a single thick grid between the printing platform and the model. This is particularly very useful for objects which do not have a flat surface.


6. Cooling

    The cooling should be provided gradually. For the initial layers, the cooling should be turned off and this should be turned on gradually as the model gets printed.

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