Installation of Firmwares

Installation of Firmwares


The firmware is fixed data for hardware devices. The firmware helps the device to perform the activities. In 3D Printers, the firmware plays a significant role which drives various components with supplying data to it.

How to install Firmware?

Please follow the instructions to install the firmware in your 3D printer.

  1. At first, connect the printer to the system (Laptop/desktop) over a USB cable.
  2. Open the Cura Software and click on the Machine option.

  1. Click Machine Settings one small dialog box will open. In that under communication settings

                       Serial Port – change Auto --> COM.

                       Baud Rate - 250000.



  1. Click Ok so that your 3D printer will get connected to your PC.

  2. Click Machine Settings ---> Install Custom Firmware.


  3. Choose the corresponding hex file to upload. The firmware will get install on your 3D Printer.

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